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Zombie SEO, Techniques that will Kill your Rankings


Hidden dangers in the world of SEO

SEO can be uncertain ground for those who choose to employ techniques that can really damage their own SEO efforts.

Often these poisonous techniques are used with the end goal of higher rankings in mind – to a point, they might succeed, but at what cost to the website they’re being used on?

For almost everyone, the cost eventually becomes too much to bear.


Killer SEO techniques and why you should run away now


The following things can be quite deadly to your website’s rankings and it’s SEO goals if used often or used by someone who does not keep themselves in check. It would be all too easy to use some of them without realizing their ill effects until it was much too late. Why run the risk if you can prevent mistakes before they happen?

  • Keyword Stuffing – Once used to encourage search engines to rank a particular page well for a given keyword, this technique often results in a poor quality user experience and can also earn your website a penalty for over optimization.
  • Cloaking – This technique allows websites to serve up one set of content to search engines and another entirely different set of content to human visitors. Cloaking is a quick way to turn visitors off to your website, and if search engines find out you’re doing it your website could be penalized.
  • Link farms – Be warned, more than simple links grow here! A link farm is a group of websites that provide links out to other sites – often these websites providing the links are part of a network with other similar sites with everyone linking to everyone else. It’s a huge mess, and this is only one of the reasons why it is a bad idea to have anything to do with a link farm.
  • Doorway pages – Used to redirect users from one page to another, doorway pages often were used to catch the attention of search engines and once the link to the doorway page was followed from the search results the user landed on another page entirely. This practice is seen as incredibly manipulative and can be a not-so-silent killer for your website if you have a doorway page in place.


Your takeaway


Take a second look at the techniques we’ve listed. While this list is by no means exhaustive it is an excellent example of the kinds of things that search engines don’t like and are also very offensive to the people who visit your website.

Do you think that using any of these techniques is a good idea? Hopefully not!

While some of them might help your website to rank higher for a short period of time, they’re not worth the trouble it would take to implement them effectively, and the risk they pose to your website is impossible to ignore.

For more information about these and other potentially deadly SEO techniques that should be avoided at all costs, check out the infographic below!

Embed this graphic on your site!


Embed this graphic on your site!

Zombie Internet Marketing

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